Climb Alden (481 masl) – the Norwegian horse

6986 Værlandet

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You can easily travel to Askvoll by ekspressboat from Bergen or Nordfjord. Please go to for timetables and tickets. From Askvoll or Fure you can go by ferry to Værlandet. From Værlandet a private boat to Alden must be arranged.


Nikøy BulandetNikøy Guest Harbour, Askvoll

Inside © Gunhill Sæle-BjørkhaugHavsalaten kitchen & bar, AskvollNorway’s most westerly café and restaurant!

Tora Reiser, AskvollA large and lively house in a lovely location by the harbour on Værlandet, perfect for several families, groups of friends or small companies. The house has 7 bedrooms providing overnight accommodation for up to 16 people. Attractive view of the harbour and Alden!

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Askvollvegen 398

6980 Askvoll



Tel: (+47) 45 86 85 94